Satwika Ary Saputra, or commonly called Wika.

He lived in Australia from 2004 to 2011. Graduated from

EIBT South Australia in 2006, majoring in Diploma of Business program. In 2008 Wika continued her studies at Deakin University to take an undergraduate degree in Accounting, He also worked in a variety of marketing and Eo industries as well as in the Mc Donalds restaurant. Received several awards from the Indonesian Consulate

General in Australia by participating in the 2009 Indonesia Festival as manager of the 2010 Indonesian stall and festival.

He became the CEO of PT Inspiration Kuliner Indonesia

at a young age, and until now has more than 200 outlets

Let’s Go! Chicken with 2000 employees.




PT lnspirasi kuliner indonesia which is currently better known to the public by the name of Let’s Go! Chicken which was established on 1 May 2015. PT IKI itself was officially established on 15 October 2017.

Founded by Mr. Satwika Ary Saputra and Mr. Mayanto Subagyo. The first Let’s Go! chicken Outlet built by the company was in Taman Asri area, Ciledug, Tangerang. With the number of employees less than 10 people.

After the first outlet was running, the company re-opened a second outlet in Cipadu. In 2016 the third outlet was opened in mencong area with the number of employees at that time 20 people.

Total In 2016, Let’s Go! Chicken opened 14 outlets, and in 2017, it grew more rapidly by opening 67 new outlets.

As of 2019 per August, the total number of Let’s Go! Chicken has 200 outlets spread across JABODETABEK

and East Java with more than 1,800 employees.

The purpose of the company’s is a fast food renderer , which is favored by the surrounding community by offering more affordable prices with quality products equivalent to international-class restaurants.

In addition, the company’s founder also aims to create high employment opportunities to minimize unemployment in

the community. In January 2019, the company wants to expand into the world of beverages and desserts, with a new brand; Yu’Manja. The first one stood in the way of Asem baris, along with the opening of the Let’s Go! Chicken outlet.

The second spoiled outlet is located in Taman Asri next to the Let’s Go! Chicken outlet Taman Asri, and will keep expanding in JABODETABEK area.



  • Providing access to affordable delicious, nutritious and quality food to all Indonesian people
  • Become a culinary company that is innovative, creative, and perfect
  • Building quality human resources
  • Being a local product that can compete


  • Customer satisfaction oriented
  • Developing reliable human resources on an ongoing basis
  • Increase the creation of market share
  • Fulfillment Open employment